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The collections in the Writers Guild Foundation Archive include writers from the dawn of cinema, early radio, the Golden Age of Television, and current writers for film, television, radio and new media. The archival holdings consist mainly of scripts, annotated drafts and production material, but may include oral histories, photographs, correspondence and ephemera. The archive also collects materials from Writers Guild Foundation events and Writers Guild of America West programs, awards and historical records. The Writers Guild Foundation Archive welcomes interest in the collections.  The materials are made available to WGA members, staff, researchers, students and the general public, with some restrictions and conditions. Please contact the archive for more information.

Contact Information:

Writers Guild Foundation Archive
7000 W. Third St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (323) 782-4623

Series: The Writer SpeaksDescription: Jean Butler was an actress and writer who grew up in California. She earned a contract at Paramount when she was still a student at Palo Alto High School, after a scout saw her in a Pasadena Playhouse production of one of her mother's plays. (Jean's mother, Aurania Rouverol, a playwright, introduced the world to Andy Hardy). Jean married Hugo Butler, a fellow writer. When they were blacklisted in 1950, they fled California for Mexico, where they lived in...
Topics: californialightandsound, Rouverol, Jean
Description: Philip Dunne was a co-founder of the Screen Writers Guild, one of the first entertainment labor unions in Hollywood in the 1930s, and an important part of film history and the film industry in Los Angeles and California. He moved to Hollywood after graduating from Harvard in 1929, and worked steadily for Twentieth Century Fox through the golden days of the studio era in Hollywood. He was the first screenwriter to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His screenplay credits...
Topics: californialightandsound, Dunne, Philip, 1908-1992
Source: 1 Tape of 1: 1/8 inch audio cassette
Note: Repetitive tape speed issue causes blips for a couple minutes beginning at 00:25:10.Description: Larry Gelbart, an award-winning television writer in film and television, created the long-running series, M*A*S*H, which was filmed outside Los Angeles. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1942 when his father became a barber in Beverly Hills. Much of his work has been influenced by his life in California. Gelbart's play, City of Angels, was about Hollywood in the 1940s. Gelbart's screenplay...
Topics: californialightandsound, Gelbart, Larry
Source: 1 Tape of 1: ⅛ inch audio cassette
Description: Frank Pierson was an influential writer/director/producer in the film and television industry in California. He served two terms as president of the Writers Guild of America, West -- one of the oldest entertainment unions in Los Angeles and California. He moved to Hollywood in the 1950s, and worked steadily and lived in California until his death in 2012. He is best known for his seminal award-winning screenplays, Cool Hand Luke and Dog Day Afternoon. This audio-cassette is the...
Topics: californialightandsound, Pierson, Frank R.
Source: 1 Tape of 1: 1/8 inch audio cassette